Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is pretty simple: When you visit, our statistics partner, StatCounter.Com may place a “cookie” on your computer to identify your IP address, which is then matched through their system to identify your Internet Service Provider, City, State and Country.

We use those statistics to determine where our visitors are located and how often they visit our website – all pretty much for our own amusement; though occasionally we use this generic data when someone asks “how many people visit your site?”

There is no additional information collected beyond that. We cannot identify you personally with this data.

Handcrafted Radio does not share, rent, or sell their email addresses with any outside person, company, corporation or organization.  We may, however, share this information with our streaming partner and its associated station websites.

We may use your email address and personal information (such as your name as you provide) to contact you directly.

The website may features advertising and links to others that may have their own privacy policies that differ from ours. While we choose our partners carefully, and Tsunami Digital Radio, LLC is not responsible for their activities.