You can listen to Handcrafted Radio on a variety of devices:

1) Website. On our homepage and top menu, you’ll find the listen link to St. Louis Classic Rock.  Look for Handcrafted Radio on the right side of the display and click “Listen” below the album display.

2) iTunes. We’re available on iTunes (except for the mobile versions of the software/app). Click the “internet” tab, then search under “classic rock”.  We’re still listed under our old name “Okemos Brewing.”


If you do not see the “internet” tab (circled upper right in photo), make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of iTunes – then go to the menu in the upper left hand corner of the screen and click on “edit”, then “preferences”. Under the “general” tab, you’ll see a list of sources that are checked or unchecked. Be certain that “Internet Radio” is checked.

If you’ve listened to Handcrafted in the past and have saved it as a “favorite”, its possible that the
favorite link does not work. As we recently changed streaming providers, it may be neccessary to delete that favorite, go to the directory as shown in the image above, and resave the station again as a favorite.

3) Windows Media Guide. You’ll find us here under “Internet Radio” and “Classic Rock.”  Note:  Microsoft has announced that Windows Media Guide will be discontinued on June 30, 2016.

4) TuneIn Radio App. This app is available for almost all smartphones and tablets; and can also be found on other devices such as the Roku Streaming Player. Download the free version here or from the Google Play Store (Android) or iOS App Store (Apple). Once installed, do a search for Handcrafted and save it as a favorite.

5) Internet Radio Receivers. Okemos Brewing is available on some, but not all such receivers. We know we’re available on receivers that use the “Reciva” internet radio database.

Still need help? Questions? Comments? Email us at